🤝Main Features

XertiNet, a revolutionary system at the forefront of the digital credentials landscape, providing blockchain-secured credentials that are easily shareable and instantly verifiable worldwide.

XertiNet Issuing is the cornerstone of our solution, redefining trust and efficiency in the digital era. With blockchain digital certificates, an instant verification process, and a feature-rich certification system, XertiNet ensures the issuance of immutable digital certificates that can be easily shared and verified.

The XertiNet Wallet puts the power of your digital credentials directly in your hands, decentralizing digital identity management. Your own digital wallet, the ability to present verifiable credentials, and a single source for all your credentials eliminate the need for physical documents, providing unprecedented control and sharing options through a convenient mobile app.

XertiNet Verify, our groundbreaking verification platform, redefines instant data confirmation. Offering versatile verification methods, including web app or API verification and wallet-to-wallet verification, XertiNet Verify prioritizes privacy and security, reducing costs, eliminating manual interventions, and accelerating user onboarding. Welcome to a new era of trust and efficiency with XertiNet.

XertiNet Issusing: XertiNet's Digital Credentials System: Revolutionizing Trust and Efficiency

  • Feature-Rich Certification System

  • Instant Verification of Digital Certificates

  • Blockchain Digital Certificates

  • Provider of Immutable Digital Certificates

  • Shareable, Verifiable Credentials

XertiNet Wallet: Your Digital Credentials in Your Hand: Revolutionizing Identity with Blockchain Technology

  • Your Own Digital Wallet

  • Present Verifiable Credentials

  • Our Digital Identity Decentralized

  • Single Source for All Your Credentials

  • Control and Share Your Credentials

  • No More Physical Credentials

  • Digital Wallet on Mobile App

XertiNet Verify: Redefining Instant Data Verification

  • Instant Verification Process

  • Web App or API Verification

  • Wallet-to-Wallet Verification

  • Versatile Verification Methods

  • Privacy and Security in Focus

  • Data Portability

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