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🪙XERT Token Native

  • Symbol XERT

  • Token type: Native

  • Total Token Supply: unlimited

Xert on XertiChain is similar to ETH, without a specific total supply. Instead, we rely on the time of the blocks and exponentially increasing difficulty. 13.5M tokens will be initiated at the Genesis block. In the first year, when the mainnet officially starts operating, the reward received is 33M tokens after each year (based on the estimated number of mined blocks). Then there will be a halving cycle, reducing the reward to 55%. That means by 2031, there will be around 70,515,470 tokens mined, and there will be 84,515,470 circulating tokens after that, with a reduced issuance each subsequent year. Tokens such as Founder, Airdrop, Customer Acquisition (total 15.5M) cannot be mined and used on the XertiNet blockchain. Instead, ownership rights, voting rights will be entirely based on the amount of BSC tokens

The native XERT token is mineable through CPU on the XertiNet network, providing miners with an opportunity to contribute to the network's security and functionality. In recognition of their dedication, miners receive XERT tokens as rewards. The XertiNet's genesis block has established an address holding 13.5 native XERT tokens to ensure liquidity on the BSC network. The address is: 0xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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