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XertiNet Verify: Redefining Instant Data Verification

In the realm of data verification, XertiNet Verify emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering immediate confirmation of user data authenticity. This innovative platform revolutionizes the verification process, reducing costs, eliminating manual interventions, and accelerating user onboarding.

Instant Verification Process

With XertiNet Verify, requesting and confirming Verifiable Credentials becomes an instantaneous process. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual verifications and welcome a swift and efficient means of onboarding users.

Web App or API Verification

Set up Verification Request Templates tailored to your data needs. Generate Verification QR Codes effortlessly, enabling users to scan them using their wallets for seamless and secure verification via Web App or API.

Wallet-to-Wallet Verification

XertiNet Verify introduces Wallet-to-Wallet Verification, allowing verifiers to import the QR Code to their wallets. Users can then scan the QR Code directly from the verifier's wallet, ensuring immediate confirmation of the credential's authenticity.

Versatile Verification Methods

Display the Verification QR Code on the web through a scannable URL.

Embed a Widget on your site for users to scan with their ID Wallet apps.

Privacy and Security in Focus

XertiNet Verify prioritizes data privacy and security, incorporating advanced privacy features to ensure compliance and mitigate liabilities.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Empower users to prove specific attributes without revealing the entire credential. For instance, confirming age without disclosing the birthdate. XertiNet achieves this through advanced cryptographic techniques.

Selective Disclosure

Users can selectively disclose one attribute from a credential, enhancing control over shared information. This ensures privacy while fulfilling verification requirements.

Data Minimization

Adhering to regulations like GDPR, XertiNet Verify minimizes data processing, accessing only essential information. Privacy-preserving techniques, including Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Selective Disclosure, enhance compliance and reduce the risk of data breaches.

Data Portability

XertiNet Verify's credentials are portable, built on W3C open standards like Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers. Users can store their credentials on any compliant digital wallet, ensuring global verification accessibility.

In summary, XertiNet Verify is not just a verification platform; it's a transformative force redefining how we approach data verificationβ€”fast, secure, and privacy-centric. Join us in the evolution of instant verification processes, setting a new standard for trust and efficiency.

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