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💖Our Team

The XertiNet team comprises industry leaders with extensive experience spanning various sectors, united by a shared commitment to innovation and productivity. Our approach involves incorporating a diverse set of artificial intelligence solutions to ensure efficient development while focusing on the advancement of our Web3-specific large language model.

Tony Diep - Founder President & CEO

Tony is a seasoned software engineer with a proven track record in the computer software industry. His expertise lies in the development of mobile applications, and he possesses a robust knowledge of web development. Throughout his career, Tony has contributed his skills to significant projects, including e-government initiatives and digital transformation efforts. However, fueled by a burgeoning passion for the blockchain industry, Tony has transitioned to establish XertiNet, where he continues to channel his expertise and enthusiasm for the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.

Nguyen Nguyen - Co-Founder & COO

Nguyen boasts over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Following the completion of his Bachelor's Degree in Automation & Applied Informatics, he embarked on a journey to create top-notch products for Android, iOS, and web platforms in Vietnam. Over the past six years, Nguyen has successfully assembled a world-class team capable of addressing diverse technical challenges. The team's accomplishments span from developing education and management systems to crafting highly interactive real-time multimedia platforms.

Dennis Nguyen – CTO

Dennis brings a wealth of professional experience to the table, specializing in the development and maintenance of high-profile web applications. His skill set extends to team management, where he has effectively led engineering teams. Dennis has notable experience in developing regulatory reporting solutions, showcasing his ability to navigate the intersection of technology and business needs. He serves as a crucial bridge between stakeholders and technology teams, adeptly transforming business specifications into actionable development tasks. Additionally, Dennis excels in planning and executing team sprints to ensure project success.

Zonko Nguyen – Creative Director

With over a decade of experience, Zonko has established himself as a seasoned designer and art director specializing in digital interactive, digital branding, and e-commerce. His expertise is particularly concentrated in serving mid to high-end luxury fashion and lifestyle brands. Zonko has a notable track record of developing award-winning websites and brand identities that have significantly boosted sales for his clients. He brings an innovative approach to his projects, seamlessly connecting impactful design with immersive and aspirational content, thereby creating engaging and visually stunning experiences for users.

Steven Phan – CMO

Steven Phan boasts over a decade of extensive experience in marketing, brand storytelling, and strategy, where he has excelled in leading global marketing functions and fueling business growth. His versatile background spans across the tech, media, and finance industries, showcasing his adaptability and strategic prowess. Steven approaches challenges with a unique blend of creative and analytical thinking, drawing on his academic foundation in art and architecture. This combination allows him to bring a holistic and innovative perspective to his marketing initiatives, contributing to the success of the organizations he engages with.

Lucin Vuong - CIO

Before implementing his vision, He acquired 8 years of experience as the Chief Information Officer for one of HCMC’s pioneer IT companies. Lucin Vuong is a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and a Compaq Accredited Engineer. With a combined 15 years of Experience in the industry, He continually reinvents his leadership to stay ahead in an era of rapid technology transformation.

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