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☑️Token Usage Case

The XERT utility token is the lifeblood of the XertiNet Protocol. XERT is used to create Digital Certificates, generating NFT certificates and facilitate transactions within the XertiNet Protocol. Fees for interacting with the XertiNet Protocol also cover the cost of storing data on the Internet Computer (IC) blockchain, ensuring the secure and immutable storage of digital assets.

Certificates of Authenticity

XertiNet is at the forefront of revolutionizing our perception of authenticity across diverse industries. Harnessing the unalterable characteristics of blockchain technology, XertiNet creates digital certificates that stand as indisputable evidence of authenticity. While this innovation addresses the longstanding issue of counterfeiting in the luxury goods sector, its impact extends across various industries, covering a broad spectrum of products and services. The application of blockchain-based digital certificates ensures a new standard of trust and transparency in verifying the legitimacy of goods and assets.

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