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🛣️Our Roadmap

Welcome to XertiNet, where we are spearheading a revolution in the issuance of blockchain digital certificates and badges. Our roadmap underscores our dedication to redefine the future of credentialing. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, strategic partnerships, and blockchain innovation, XertiNet is poised to secure certificates on the blockchain, ensuring a new era of trust and transparency in credential management.

Q2/2023-Q4/2023: Strengthening the Foundation

  • Project Audit and KYC

  • Community Growth

  • On-chain settlement of fees

  • More control for integrators over passes' properties

  • Mining Testnet support

Q1/2024-Q2/2024: Expanding the Ecosystem

  • Launch XertiNet Wallet: Allows you to receive, store, and share verifiable credentials.

  • XertiNet Issusing: a scalable and secure solution for issuing official certificates, degrees, diplomas, transcripts, and showcase accomplishments worldwide

  • Update developer documentation for Gateway Protocol changes

Q3/2024-Q4/2024: Implementations and Transition

  • Launch Mainnet

  • Mining Mainnet Support

  • Launch XertiNet Verify

  • Launch XertiNet Issusing

Q1/2025: Advancing Forward

  • Implementation Gateway Protocol

  • Ecosystem / Network Portal

  • Extend Mobile App functionality based on launch insights

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